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Center for Public Health is Non Governmenal Organization. Not for profit, registered with corporate affairs commission. The Organization was initially founded of college of medicine in the university of Nigeria Enugu Campus as Society for Public Health in 1996.

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We Provide free Medical Care

To Help Them Survive

Serving the working poor who can't afford medical insurance by providing totally free healthcare services. Call Us ... We are looking for Doctors, Nurses and Office Staff. Volunteer ...Help provide medical care to our community.

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We Save Humanity Health

To Help Them Survive

Disease has been with humans since before we were human. ... Some scientists believe that one out of every two people who have ever lived have died of a disease.See through the impact of our health activities and what our passion has made us to achieve so far.

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To Give Them a Healthy Life

Fight Maleria in Africa. help CPH provide water, nutrition and vaccinations to ... and donate monthly to give Poor Nigerians the best possible start to a long healthy life.

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https://csunewsng.com/2018/11/16/ngo-launches-free-medi-care-for-diabetic-pensioners-as-senior-citizens-applaud-the-gesture/?fbclid=IwAR0S6B53nov3XpeBJvpTV20O2Ty6j84kZuUAvx37kU9JmMbgztbYhqtlmcQJOIN US TO SUPPORT THE PEOPLE LIVING WITH NON COMMUNICABLE DISEASES

Chinwe Ugele, Umuahia.

About 200 pensioners suffering from diabetes have benefitted from the free medical-care services offered by a non- governmental organisation known as Centre for Public Health Initiative in Abia state.

The pensioners trooped out in their numbers on Friday to register for easy access to treatment for as long as they live during the flag off of the exercise at the Pink Rose clinic in Umuahia.

The aim of the program is to lessen the burden of economic challenges bedeviling pensioners in the state who usually complain of lack of funds to enable them seek medical attention when necessary.

The Executive Director of the NGO, Dr. C’Fine Okorochukwu, said he felt the need to offer assistance to the senior citizens whose plights in recent times have become rather pitiable. He said they will identify those with diabetes and other ailments associated with people in their category and provide treatment in terms of drugs and information on adoption of healthy lifestyle to elongate their lives.

Dr. Okorochukwu said the programe is timeless as the NGO intends to continue with it for the beneficiaries for as long as they live. He said funding comes from their foreign and local partners, good spirited individuals, pharmaceutical companies, etc, adding that the programme might still be expanded to accommodate other members of the society if they get adequate support.
On his part, a US based medical expert and indigene of Abia state, Dr. Ugochukwu Nwosu, said the people need education on diabetes to learn how to control their sugar level to avoid those complications that usually lead to death of persons with disease.

The beneficiaries were jubilant as they could not contain their joy of receiving absolutely free medical services from the NGO.

The chairman of a sect of the pensioners in the state, Chief Dr. Emmanuuel Okparanta and thanked the management of the NGO for remembering them.

Every Friday has been set aside especially for the pensioners to get medical attention by the organisers.

It is our commitment to assist the weak

It is our commitment to assist the weak

The senior citizens received drugs after been examined for diabetes and hypertension during the flag off of the programme tagged “Pensioners and People’s Healthcare Support Initiative, carried out by a team of medical experts led by the Executive Director of the NGO, Dr. Cfine Okorochukwu.

Speaking with Abia Breaking News, some of the beneficiaries including leader of pensioners’ pressure group in the state, Dr. Emmanuel Akparanta, Chief Emeka Okezie, Secretary, Abia Pensioners and Chief Mrs. Nwabara Dike expressed gratitude to the NGO for remembering pensioners and coming to their aid.

They decried neglect by the Abia state government and appealed that their pensions be paid to help ameliorate their sufferings and death of their members.

The executive director of Centre For Public Health, Dr. Cfine Okorochukwu who noted with delight the impressive turnout of pensioners explained that “I intend to give quality life to our senior citizens, needy, less privileged women and the pregnant women, especially those who cannot afford medical services.

“Our senior citizens ought to live healthy and should have access in line with achieving Universal Health Coverage and achieving goal three of the Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs.

“We also want to ensure that our elderly don’t die anymore from complications of diabetes and hypertension but will live to good old age when God will decide to call them.

Next week we will take our team to other parts of the state where the same services will be provided to the same set of persons.”

The United States representative of the NGO, Dr. Nnawuihe Ugochukwu Nwosu, said the organization is “working towards improving the health condition of our elderly ones who are dying of lack of healthcare and support.

“We are working to attract aid from foreign individuals and organisations to help them, especially for those who are hypertensive and diabetic. Diabetes is not a death sentence and can be handled.

“That government has neglected our elderly doesn’t mean all hope is lost for them, that’s why we are here. Our outreach will go a long way in curbing death resulting from diabetes and hypertension.”



As we celebrate the World Diabetic Day it is our commitment to support the underserved, needy, vulnerable groups with Non-Communicable diseases. Make your commitments today towards our nation and your immediate community


This is to announce the official flag of the above initiative on 16th November 2018 by 10am at PINK ROSE HOSPITAL, STANPOL JUNCTION, ABA ROAD, UMUAHIA, ABIA STATE.

Many Pensioners in Nigeria have suffered so much and  many have died especially from nonpayment of their pensions for more than two (2) years, high inflation rate and harsh economic state of the country. Hence, most of the pensioners can not afford their medical treatments especially the ones living with hypertension, diabetes etc.

On the foregoing Center for Public Health Initiative is adopting all the pensioners who can not afford their treatment/medication to come to PINK ROSE HOSPITALS, STANPOL JUNCTION, ABA ROAD UMUAHIA, ABIA STATE, the health facility of Center for Public Health Initiative to access their drugs at no cost.

We also support children, women and pregnant women.

This is also in line with our commitment towards achieving target 3.4 of Goal 3 of sustainable Development Goals (SDG) By 2030, reduce by one third premature mortality from non-communicable diseases through prevention and treatment and promote mental health and well-being.

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