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The Centre for Public Health (CPH) is a non-governmental with a big impact.,was registered in 1997. Our projects have already prevented 20,000 life from Community infections in Africa.
- But we must do more. to support the people living with HIV/AIDS,
 - to provide health education to all the students in developing countries,
-  to retrain health workers to achieve the millennium development goals,
and to raise funds to equip the rural health centers and other health institutions.
to provide cervical screening (Paps smear + HPV test) for women who can not afford the test.

We can only meet this goal if everybody – governments, businesses, the public sector, and individuals – commits to ambitious action.

Please support us in our mission to ensure that Public Health initiatives around the world benefit from good health and its people as much as possible, by donating to Centre for Public Health.


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